Friday, June 25, 2010


STCC Technology Park - home of the STCC Business Incubator

Springfield, Massachusetts is a post-industrial city that has seen its fortunes slip over the past two decades.  Once a hub of metal manufacturing, the City is one of the poorest in the Northeast.  A recent study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston accessible at compares the success of so-called resurgent cities with those still struggling economically.

STCC has for over twelve years has run a business incubator with the goal of nurturing start-ups that, when mature, will boost the local economy.  In an attempt to attract high-tech companies, the college is partnering with the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, the flagship public research institution in the State.  A description of that partnership that includes a UMass spinoff locating in the STCC incubator can be found in an article recently published by Business West at:

Both STCC and UMass/Amherst are convinced that this partnership will help grow Springfield’s economy and thereby move it into the category of a resurgent city.