Tuesday, February 26, 2013


The STCC Veterans Club on February 25, 2013  President's Appreciation Luncheon. Left to right: Justin Check, Treasurer, Darlyn Diaz Lindsay, Vice President, Mike Rossi, Admissions Counselor & Coordinator of the Veterans/Service Members Center, STCC President Ira Rubenzahl, Liz Almeida, Club Advisor, Professor Eric Brown, Advisory Board Member, Robert Richards, President and Jonathan Sullivan,  Secretary

STCC strives to support US military veterans who are coming to college to advance their careers. The Veteran's Club runs a lounge space for veterans to study and meet, hosts campus events such as a salute on Veteran's Day and conducts counseling and mentoring for fellow vets.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick being interviewed by STCC student Joel McAullife on  February 1, 2013.

STCC digital media student Joel  McAuliffe interviewed Massachusetts Governor Patrick today asking him penetrating questions on taxes, the state budget, education and the future of the Commonwealth.  The interview which was taped will be aired on WTCC-fm, the STCC college radio station.

Governor Patrick was on campus holding a cabinet meeting and then touring the STCC manufacturing program.  This program prepares students for good jobs running sophisticated computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines.  

Governor Patrick last week proposed a state budget for FY 2014 that would increase spending on education and transportation, reduce the state sales tax while raising the state income tax.  Public higher education that has seen decreases in the past few years would gain as would K-12 education and transportation construction.  Spending on construction has the highest multiplier effect, that is it generates more jobs and secondary economic effects, than other choices while money for education pays dividends long-term in the creation of human capital.